Report your sightings of red and grey squirrels...

Your red and grey squirrel sightings are a very important part of our conservation work.

Red squirrels 
Your sighting reports help us to track red squirrels’ progress as they reclaim their old territories, and to check that they are still present in areas where they are already established.   Without your help this would not be possible – red squirrels are not easy to spot, and we can’t monitor all the places that you know and visit.     If you are seeing red squirrels regularly in one place, we’d be very grateful for a 6-monthly update, and to hear if anything unusual occurs - 2 seen together can indicate a breeding pair, 3 or more might be a young family.

If you see a sick red squirrel, or if you find a dead red squirrel showing signs of disease or one that has not obviously died in a road accident or similar, please contact us immediately on  07836 584201 or 01539 552340.

Grey squirrels
Your grey squirrel sighting reports help us to build a picture of what is happening and prioritise our work.   We are particularly interested to hear where grey squirrels are being seen regularly over a period of time – from single squirrels visiting gardens through to larger numbers occupying areas of woodland or similar.    Reports of grey squirrels spotted just once add to our knowledge of the ever-changing  grey squirrel situation, and are of particular importance  where grey numbers are  very low -  for example in the Rydal, Loughrigg, Elterwater area, or in areas where they are not normally seen.  Please contact us if you would like to know more about what is happening in your area.

Photo by Peter Skillen
Sightings submission form

Electronic submission via this form simplifies our task of recording sightings, but if you prefer to telephone the details of your sightings, or have any questions, please call 07836 584201 or 01539 821714. If you find a dead red squirrel, then please telephone immediately.

To find a grid reference online
To find the grid reference for your sighting, link to the Ordnance Survey Get-a-map site (which will open in a separate window) at: http://getamap.ordnancesurvey.co.uk/getamap/frames.htm

- You can zoom in for a detailed map to pinpoint your sighting

- Place the cross at the exact point of your sighting and click to ensure that it is at the centre of the map

- The grid reference will appear in the box (in small writing) eg SD 449 949 GB

- You can copy this reference and paste it into the form

***There is a new UK Grid Reference Finder>> service that you might want to try. We've not had a chance to test it thoroughly yet, but it looks promising and possibly easier than Get-a-map***

To find a grid reference from a map
If you prefer to use a map to find your grid reference but need a reminder about how to do it, the Ordnance Survey Education section has an online tutorial called Learn how to use the National Grid here>>